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See Boldface below:

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My comments are below...

> But, this leads me to a more general point.  There are numerous locations
> in the web site where there are series of scans that intend to show
> distinctions in either bindings, covers, or backs.  This isn't the first
> time I've studied scans and haven't been able to detect any difference
> even though the difference is the whole point of the scan.

<rjh: The problem is only that top area, I think.  All other images should
be described as to how they differ, true?>

> SOLUTION:  Any such series of scans should have text with it that
> explicity states the diffrence from one scaan in the series to the next
> scan.

<rjh: I agree.  The variations certainly do.  The other sections describe
the differences in general, like color change or genre change.>

Actually, what i was thinking about as I wrote this was a time when I was trying to discern the diffrerences between a couple of jackets from the early leatherettes.  For all the ML's I own I don't have a single jacketed letherette.  So I couldn't go check any of mine.  I simply stared at the two scans trying to tell if perhaps there was some unreadable difference in the blurb that was printed on the front of the jacket.  I finally gave up.  It didn't matter that much because I wasn't trying to identify a jacket as one or the other.  but it it was clear that if had been trying, the scans would not have been any help.  They needed text with them to state the unseeable differences in the small print on the jacket cover.
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