[ModLib] Medieval Romances (133.2)

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Fri Apr 15 18:34:55 EDT 2011

The one we know about has no editor names on the spine, and does not have
Columbia U. on the front.  This new one is the first, just don't know how
long it lasted.  I guess maybe it had to do with the Loomis pair leaving
the University?

The last time I was in CA was as a kid in 1976.  It might be awhile still
before I get there.  So you have to hold on until I get a chance.

Your daughter should start participating here on the MLML, getting her
trained and all.  Actually, she is in the archives.  Years ago a few
messages to her from you/from her to you made it on here.

> All very well but, which one is the new variant, the blank editor?
> Always happy for any collector to visit!
> However, you had better be soon as I am 83, then the collection goes to my
> oldest daughter, she is a great reader, how hot she may be for collecting
> is another matter.

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