[ModLib] Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations."

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Fri Apr 15 18:27:22 EDT 2011

Continuing with Darrell's questions:

> With the single exception of 160.3 Auden's Selected Poetry (Second
> Edition), any jacket with an ISBN is not a first. So if you have a book
> with a genre variety 3, 4, or 5 DJ, it's not a first.

<rjh: ISBNs came into use after 1970, which is when the 2nd edition of
Auden came out (1971/1972).  Of the 4 titles that came out in 1970, I have
three (do not have the Styron), and none of them have the ISBN (as
expected).  I believe the Stryon first won't have it either.  Obviously
none of the 1969 titles or earlier would have it.  Thus, with the
exception of the Auden 2nd, if your jacket has an ISBN it is a later print

> All other first edition titles published with type 14 bindings likely had
> o2 dust jackets.

<rjh: We believe the switch to variation 2 occurred in Fall 1968.  Type o
jackets came out in 1969 and would have used variation 2.  All type o
jackets we have seen are variation 2 or later.  Combining this with the
logic from above (no ISBN) all binding 14 first editions (with the
exception of Auden) are in an o2 jacket.>

> All non-giant titles born Fall 1967 through Spring 1968 likely had n1 dust
> jackets.

<rjh: Our research has shown that the switch to variation 2 occurred in
Fall 1968.  The n jacket started in 1967.  We used the word likely as we
are counting on the ML community to assist us in verifying this.>

> All giant titles born Fall 1967 through Spring 1968 likely had Gj1
> jackets.

<rjh: We believe the shift of the text "FOR THE MODERN READER..." from
below the "ml" to the side of the "ml" occurred when the type o and
binding 14 came out.  Thus, the Gi jacket was introduced in 1969 (or
possibly Fall 1968, we don't know this).  Our Giant jacket data was much
more limited.  However, Fall 1967 to Spring 1968 did use Gj with variation
1.  The 1969 and later titles did use Gi and variation 2.  With a bit more
data, we can take care of Fall 1968.>

So there you have it.  Let me know if you have data that contradicts
anything here.


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