[ModLib] Re: Jacket back "styles" and "variations."

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Fri Apr 15 18:06:32 EDT 2011


My comments are below...

> The only difference I detect in your scans of
> the n and o jacket backs is that n still includes the "457 Madison Avenue"
> information in lower left corner while o has dropped it.

<rjh: If you mean the three at the top of the page (with n, o, and Gi
shown), Scot just randomly selected one of each of those types.>

> But in your list
> of 5 variations the presence or absence of "457 Madison Avenue" marks a
> distinction in the variations you list.  And then you have a table that
> cross references "style" with "variation."  And you show confirmed
> sighting of style n in variants 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Syle n has "Madison Ave" 
> variants 2, 3, 4 and 5 don't.  So these seem to be contradictions.

<rjh: The table shows which variations have been observed for each of the
jacket types (styles).  The variations are the same for each of the 4
types (n, o, Gi, Gj).  The 5 variations are shown above that table with a
textual description.>

> What am I missing.  There must be something else about the scans of n and
> o at the top of the page that marks their difference; but what is it?
<rjh: No intentional difference, just a random display of those types.>

> Okay!  I just realized that its the height difference in the Toledano 14
> bindings for o.

<rjh: True, just like with the bindings you can't tell them apart based on
an image (you could take the relative dimensions of the book/jacket to
figure it out I suppose...)

> But, this leads me to a more general point.  There are numerous locations
> in the web site where there are series of scans that intend to show
> distinctions in either bindings, covers, or backs.  This isn't the first
> time I've studied scans and haven't been able to detect any difference
> even though the difference is the whole point of the scan.

<rjh: The problem is only that top area, I think.  All other images should
be described as to how they differ, true?>

> SOLUTION:  Any such series of scans should have text with it that
> explicity states the diffrence from one scaan in the series to the next
> scan.

<rjh: I agree.  The variations certainly do.  The other sections describe
the differences in general, like color change or genre change.>

> P.S.  I'm about to look through my books to look for the missing
> combinations.  You state, based on what you've done, that
> With the single exception of 160.3 Auden's Selected Poetry (Second
> Edition), any jacket with an ISBN is not a first. So if you have a book
> with a genre variety 3, 4, or 5 DJ, it's not a first.
> All other first edition titles published with type 14 bindings likely had
> o2 dust jackets.
> All non-giant titles born Fall 1967 through Spring 1968 likely had n1 dust
> jackets.
> All giant titles born Fall 1967 through Spring 1968 likely had Gj1
> jackets.
> I would like to know a bit about the reasons for each of these so while
> I'm looking for the missing combinations I might check on these issues at
> the same time.

<rjh: I'll address these in a separate message.... please note that, as
stated on that page, we did not have a lot of data to work from.  Some of
these may be considered hypothesis at this point, which is why we need
help from everyone to see if they have anything that contradicts what we
have proposed.>

<rjh: Thanks!>

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