[ModLib] Medieval Romances (133.2)

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Ron, scroll down on the jacket and the 379 titles referred to at the top
suggest it is the first.

John Wolansky

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Hi Jim,

Thanks!  These are both in jacket type i....

HOWEVER, this is very exciting.  That first one is a previously unknown (or
unnoticed) jacket for 133.2!  Scot, we need to add that to the DJ page.

Notice the front on the earlier one indicates the authors were at Columbia
U.  The spine is also different, with the author names present.  I wonder
about the color, though.  But red doesn't fade to bright yellow...

I suspect this may be the first jacket.  Can you provide the number of
titles for both copies?  My copy is 1963; the jacket on modernlib claims
1959 but those aren't always accurate.

The earlier one, with a price of $1.65, would be the first; I wonder how
long it persisted.


> Hi,
> I am definitley research impaired and I am not up to date on jacket 
> stlyes.
> Attached are copies of the two that i have.
> Hope it helps.
> Jim Egan
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>> On Apr 15, 2011, at 10:49 AM, Ron Holl wrote:
>> > Hello MLML,
>> >
>> > I'm looking for a copy of Medieval Romances (133.2) in any and all 
>> > jacket types after type i. If anyone has a copy in a later jacket 
>> > style, please let me know!
>> >

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