[ModLib] Medieval Romances (133.2)

Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Fri Apr 15 16:56:34 EDT 2011


It's a new jacket variation for a common title (the front being different
as well).  So while it may not be a big deal as far as wall street
transactions go, it is in my opinion very exciting.

And, since you have acknowledged having this variant, why did you not
share this with us so the dust jacket page could be updated and more
accurate?  I wonder what else might be hidden on your shelves.  On my next
trip to CA I'm taking you up on your offer and stopping by.

By the way do you have any non type i jackets?


> I doubt if this is a big deal...I have three copies of "I" with, one copy
> with "Edited By  J.S. Loomis And L.H. Lomis on spine under title, the
> other two copies give no editor on DJ spine.

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