[ModLib] Proposed New Tole Number for Human Nature And Conduct with intro: 271.2

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In bibliographical terms there are two states of the first printing.

The first state omits pp. 1-13 (Dewey's Introduction to the book) apparently because someone thought that Dewey's new foreword to the Modern Library edition rendered it redundant -- despite the fact that it was paginated in arabic numerals and therefore was clearly part of the text.

When the error was discovered, the ML gathered up all unsold copies and cut out the leaf containing p. vii and (on its verso) p. 14 of the text. It printed a replacement gathering of 8 leaves (16 pages) consisting of p. vii with the verso of the leaf blank, Dewey's Introduction (pp. 1-13), and p. 14 (the first page of Part One). The sewn gathering was pasted to the stub of the leaf that had been removed.

The second state of the first printing retains the First statement on the verso of the title page. Both are in the 5 binding.

Subsequent printings print the text correctly. I believe all of them omit the First statement. There was a second printing of 2,000 copies in December 1930, but I've never examined a copy of this printing.

It might be better to number the states of the first printing 171.1a and 171.1b and subsequent printings 171.2.


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 From the BookNotes for Dewey's Human Nature And Conduct (Toledano  
number 173.1): "The first printing omits Dewey's 13 page introduction.  
The second printing corrects this but keeps the first edition  

So there are two collectables from this title -- one without the  
intro, and one with the intro. There should be a second Tole number  
for the one with the intro. Without objection, that variation is  
assigned the Tole number 271.2

So now we need the date -- was it 1930 or 1931 for the one with the  
intro?  I'm betting on a style 6 binding because the 5 of the original  
was so short-lived.  Anybody???

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