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Ron Holl ron at scribblemonger.com
Tue Apr 12 20:39:05 EDT 2011

Hi Bill,

Scot does not deal with ML publications after ~1975.  I also don't believe
Henry is maintaining (nor has the desire to maintain) the numbering system
going forward.  I'm sure they will rebuke me if I have misrepresented

We could use the Amenities website to define and present indicators for
post 1990s MLs.  The Chronicles series and Woodcuts are posted there now,
with limited information.  This is mostly because I have an interest in
them.  However, if others have information of use to publish I can host it
there.  Relevant links:

> Re: New wheat (tan) quarter cloth on beige paper-covered boards
> Brian LeMasters noted the new bindings in his email.  In mid- to
> late-2010, new editions of books already in print and new titles began
> appearing in this new color quarter-cloth format.  It was used on Regular
> issues, Giant issues, super Giant issues such as "Hearts Touched by Fire"
> and new Chronicles issues.  I assume that that it will be binding style 18
> for Regular issues, G11 for Giants and the same for the super Giants (size
> of 1995 Gibbon set) unless that number was used for the many other odd
> bindings in which these super Giants have appeared.  Is there any
> numbering system for the four types of Chronicles bindings?  Does Mr.
> Toledano assign the numbers?  Mr. Kamins?  Collectors of post-1970 issues
> need some identification system.

Ron Holl
Scribblemonger Book Exchange

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