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Re: New wheat (tan) quarter cloth on beige paper-covered boards
Brian LeMasters noted the new bindings in his email.  In mid- to late-2010, new editions of books already in print and new titles began appearing in this new color quarter-cloth format.  It was used on Regular issues, Giant issues, super Giant issues such as "Hearts Touched by Fire" and new Chronicles issues.  I assume that that it will be binding style 18 for Regular issues, G11 for Giants and the same for the super Giants (size of 1995 Gibbon set) unless that number was used for the many other odd bindings in which these super Giants have appeared.  Is there any numbering system for the four types of Chronicles bindings?  Does Mr. Toledano assign the numbers?  Mr. Kamins?  Collectors of post-1970 issues need some identification system.

Also, note that on March 23, 2011, a boxed set of three hardbacks and one paperback on the Civil War by and about Shelby Foote appeared without fanfare from Modern Library.  I chanced upon it on Amazaon.com.  It is not on the Modern Library website yet!

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Greetings to all,
I noticed a tan quarter cloth over tan paper boards ML regular binding 
t the bookstore today, 15th printing of a 1992 copyright.  DJ contained 
he date 2007.  Was this a hiccup or a style produced among and between 
ll the full cloth gray board bindings of the 2000 era?
By the way, Scot, that new page of DJ backs is very satisfying.  I have 
uzzled more than once over how many categories/genres/lists were out 
here in this style.  Thanks!
PS  The title was Out of Africa
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