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There is an offering on eBay for a copy of the Maltese Falcon.  The offering
references three dust jackets, with the second being introduced on the
semi-flexible copies.  In the interest of accurate offerings, I sent a
missive indicating there are inaccuracies in the offering.  I said the


Dear 2mysterycats,


Just a heads up there are some incorrect statements in your offering.

1. "Over the years, this title was issued in a total of 3 different
jackets." There were only two jacket designs issued. The first is the one
you offer and the second is the one you refer to with the gun, hand and

2. "We have seen the second issue jacket on First Modern Library editions of
this title. We have seen the second issue jacket on First Modern Library
editions of this title. We think the second issue jacket replaced the first
issue jacket sometime during the printing of the first edition". It is
unlikely you saw the second jacket on first edition books. The FE ML's were
6 7/8" high semi-flexible covered books issued until 1939. That is the
jacket you show. The second jacket was used in the 1940's on the 8 1/4" high
stiff as a board hardcovers. If you saw the second jacket on a stated first
issue book, the jacket must have been "shaved" at the top and/or bottom to
fit the book.

- jwol900l 


The response:


"Dear jwol900l,


We have seen a modern library edition with art-work copying that of the
original edition by Knopf. We were also informed, by one of the many serious
M.L. collectors, that this title did have 3 different jacket formats.

Do you believe this information was incorrect?

If so, would you be willing to share your reference?"


So, are any subscribers aware of a third Falcon DJ?



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