[ModLib] Way To Use Specific DJ Style Variations to Identify Late Classical Period First DJs

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As most of us know, dating dust jackets printed after the spring of  
1963 can be a pain. Before that, the ML's current catalog appeared on  
the inverse of dust jackets; using the list and the legend "WHICH OF  
it to Barry Neavill's dating key and come up with a proper date.  But  
after that, the inverses went blank and we were left clueless. Ron  
Holl and I think we have discovered a partial solution to the problem  
–- at least for many titles published from 1967 on.

Examining just over a hundred dust jackets in styles n, o, Gi, and Gj,  
we discovered five specific subtypes and have a pretty solid theory  
about the specific dates of a couple of them.  Using those subtypes  
and other data that we collected on each of dust jackets in our  
sample, we've discovered a reliable new way to tell whether many dust  
jackets are correctly married to first edition books.

For example, we know which of the five subtypes  defines  all giant  
and non-giant first edition dust jackets for titles published Fall  
1967 through Spring 1968, and which subtype defines first edition dust  
jackets covering first edition books with type 14 bindings (Spring  
1969 and beyond).

The new page which is fetchingly entitled Genre Dust Jacket Backs of  
the Late Classical Period 1967 - 1975 (or so)  is here:


Any questions? Comments? Suggestions for change? Challenges? Additions?

Scot Kamins (for Scot & Ron)
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