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Good questions. My copy does include the 12/2/1918 "Address Before Going Abroad." This seems to be an inconsistency, unless the DJ was printed in anticipation of the book and publication of the book was somehow delayed. The front panel of the DJ looks identical to the middle jacket (1919) on Scot's site. It has a "Seventy Cents" price on the spine.

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Pete, your post moved me to have another look at my copy.  I noted the reverse only lists to 68, Sinclair’s The Belfry, with “To be Published April 20th, 1919” followed by numbers 70 through 77.
If your copy was added in October 1918, does it include the 12/2/1918 Address?  How could it?  Is the front panel of your jacket exactly like any of the first three on Scott’s site?  And what is the original price on the jacket spine?
John Wolansky
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My copy in DJ has the Catalog 5 in the book. The back panel of the DJ lists titles to 68.1- Sinclair's The Belfry. The DJ notes that titles 53 through 68 were added in October, 1918; this, of course, includes the Wilson. Interestingly, it also lists number 66 Modern Book of English Verse and number 67 Modern Book of American 

Verse, neither of which, to my knowledge, were published in the Modern Library series.


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I recently acquired a 1919 copy of this title you can view on Scott’s site.  It is the middle book pictured.  In fact, the jacket is really much closer in color to the first book.  The book has Brodzky endpapers with the naked men in the library title page.  The jacket lists to 77.1, Tolstoy’s Redemption, another 1919 release.  The 85 Cents on the spine is really a label taped over the original price which would have been lower, I expect.


Toledano lists this as a 1918 issue, and I do have a copy with catalog 5 and binding 1.   Notice that the jackets on Scott’s site all refer to the volume including the December 2, 1918 Address to Congress before sailing to France.   Catalog 5 indicates a fall 1918 release.   Wondering if this title was issued in late December 1918, or was in fact a 1919 release with 1918 trappings?


John Wolansky



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