[ModLib] The Market is still strong for the good stuff

Don Eveland pecksgrove at aol.com
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I have a couple of college editions but generally pass them by as they are reprints of regular editions & I want to save space & money for the regular editions.  I don't pass by the slip covers though, since they illustrated I tend to consider them as other than reprints.  They are harder to come across as I only have Tom Jones, Confucious & Dante's Inferno.

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> On Apr 3, 2011, at 8:12 PM, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
>> I had 3 shelves of College Editions some 30 years ago, lacking space for other volumes , I had to toss them out...a mistake? 
> I wouldn't say so. College editions aren't worth much -- they're pretty cheap, and there's never been a stampede of emails to me asking me to include them at ModernLib.
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