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Fri Apr 1 13:52:11 EDT 2011

Has anybody got any Viking portables at least Very Good + in like dust  
jackets. Looking for Poe, Shakespeare, Wilde, Chekhov, Whitman, Cervantes,  
Nietzche, but please pass others by me. Thanks. Send email to 
_BooksetcSF at Aol.com_ (mailto:BooksetcSF at Aol.com)  
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kamins at modernlib.com writes:

On Mar 29, 2011, at 4:56 AM, JOHN PETERSON wrote:

Scot, I have Nietzsche in a #5 binding, and my  database says I have it in 
#4 as well.  I'll try to verify that this  evening unless someone else 
locates it first.  The others you are  trying to verify I don't have.

Great, John. Many thanks.  

Scot Kamins
Practice Kindness


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