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Wed Sep 8 22:10:48 EDT 2010

My kid sister found me a copy at Powell's two years ago for...........ten  
bucks.....in super fine condition...ten bucks.............OMG.
Alan G.
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I had a  copy of the ML Dictionary when I went to college in 1966.  For the 
next  40 years, I used it as a dictionary to keep by my favorite chair to 
look  up  the occasional word while reading,  Two years ago, my dogs  stayed 
in the house just a few minutes too long and got anxious.  As a  result, 
they tore the book to shreds.

I have been trying to replace it  ever since.

Best to all,

Bob Sanger 

Robert M.  Sanger
Attorneys at Law
125 East De La Guerra  Street, Suite 102
Santa Barbara, California 93101
805 962  4887

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On Aug 29,  2010, at 3:30 PM, "tobylevy at juno.com" <tobylevy at juno.com>  

> I still can't believe that I found a copy of a Modern  Library Dictionary 
at a garage sale around the corner from where I live. No DJ  but it is a 
> In all my years of collecting I don't  believe I've ever come across it 
> Toby
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