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A jacket listing 306 titles dates from fall 1945. That's consistent with the 95-cent retail price, which went up to $1.10 in November 1946.

Barry Neavill

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Dear Scott Kamins:

I have an evident and easy inquiry for someone on this list serv. Perhaps I should research this in the Toledano catalogue raisonné-cum-price guide, but I would feel more confident with an expert opinion. Hope this isn't an imposition.

A student asked me to identify the year of a ML _Alice in Wonderland._  It's a hardcover--not one of the smaller soft cardboard books--with the name gold stamped in the (red) colored square on the front cover. The dust jacket, which is present, lists 306 Modern Library titles and has the cost at 95¢.

My guess is that this is a post WWII (1946-ish volume). Does this seem right to you?

Its owner esteems the book for sentimental reasons. It was her grandmother's. She is not looking to hear that this is a treasure or a rare book for a lucrative sale and doesn't care about market value, only the date.

Is what I said right? What are the dates for the 95¢ price and this format?


Roger Lathbury

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