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My copy of the first has a 262-title DJ. Chapter 1 begins on page 3.

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I'm making final revisions in my ML bibliography this summer and have a question 
bout the first printing of James T. Farrell's Studs Lonigan (G41). This exists 
n two bibliographically distinct forms, both of which have the statement, 
First Modern Library Giant Edition | 1938" on the verso of the title page.
Farrell's trilogy was originally published by Vanguard Press in 3 volumes 
etween 1932 and 1935. Vanguard Press published it in a one-volume edition in 
935, printed from the original plates in 3 sequences of pagination. Whenever 
ossible the Modern Library used the original publisher's plates for its 
rintings. This is what it did for a portion of the "First Modern Library Giant 
dition" and for all subsequent printings of Studs Lonigan.
But Vanguard Press had more printed sheets of Studs Lonigan than it needed, and 
t made the ML a deal it couldn't refuse to take them off their hands.  Part of 
he "First Modern Library Giant Edition" consisted of printed sheets acquired 
rom Vanguard Press. To turn these sheets into a ML Giant they cut out the first 
wo leaves (4 pages) of the Vanguard Press printing and replaced them with newly 
rinted sheets consisting the MLG half title, title page, biographical note 
bout Farrell, Farrell's introduction written for the MLG Giant, and possibly 
ore.  The leaves containing newly printed material were oversewn (you can see 
he thread clearly in the inner margin of the title page and subsequent leaves) 
nd sewed them to the blank leaf facing the section title ("SECTION ONE") of 
oung Lonigan.  Chapter One of Young Lonigan begins on p. 3; the section title 
s unnumbered but would be p. [1].  These copies were placed on the market in a 
iant binding in fall 1938 and have a fa!
ll 1938 jacket, with "262 OUTSTANDING TITLES" in the heading of the ML list 
nside the jacket.  Technically these copies are considered a ML issue of the 
anguard Press printing.
Remaining copies of the First Modern Library Giant Edition were printed by the 
L's regular printers and sewn in the normal way.  The only thread you can see 
s in the gutter margin in the center of each gathering. Technically these 
opies are considered the first ML printing.
In this situation, which wasn't common (Franz Werfel's Forty Days of Musa Dagh 
s another example) the ML normally placed the two bibliographical variants on 
he market simultaneously: (1) copies that consisted mostly of sheets acquired 
rom the original publisher and (2) copies that consisted entirely of sheets 
rinted for the ML.  However, I've only seen copies of the "First Modern Library 
iant Edition" of Studs Lonigan that consist entirely of sheets printed for the 
L in spring 1939 jackets ("265 OUTSTANDING TITLES).  The books don't include ML 
ists, so the only way to date them is by the jacket.  It's possible that the ML 
eleased copies that were made up primarily of Vanguard Press sheets in fall 
938 and copies it printed itself in winter 1939.
Another way to distinguish the two bibliographical varieties of First Modern 
ibrary Edition Giant edition of Studs Lonigan is the epigraph from Moby Dick 
hat appears on the second leaf of The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan (the 
econd novel of the trilogy). The epigraph precedes the part title "SECTION 
NE". The epigraph consists of 11 lines in italic in copies made up of Vanguard 
ress sheets and 10 lines in italic in copies printed specifically for the 
odern Library.  My guess is that the original plate for this page was damaged 
t some point, either by the Vanguard Press printers or the ML printers, and it 
ad to be reset.
I'd be grateful if you could check your first ML Giant editions of Studs Lonigan 
nd let me know which you have; if your copy matches the description of those 
rinted specifically for the ML, let me know if it has a fall 1938 jacket (262) 
r spring 1939 (265) jacket.
Many thanks!
ordon B. Neavill
ssociate Professor
chool of Library and Information Science
ayne State University
06 Kresge Library
etroit, MI 48202
13-577-0507; 313-577-7563 (fax)

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