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I have a stated First Modern Library Edition 1941copy with the National Home Acknowlegment on the verso. It does appear to be "pasted in." The DJ is first state as is the listing of books in the back. I'll try to get you a scan as soon as possible.

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Does anyone have a 1941 first printing of The Federalist (139) with an 
cknowledgment to National Home Library on the verso of the title page? The ML 
riginally published The Federalist with an acknowledgment to The Carnegie 
orporation of New York on the verso. All subsequent printings replaced that 
cknowledgment with the following: "The publishers are indebted to the National 
ome Library Foundation for making this edition possible and wish to thank them 
or the courtesy extended in the use of their plates."
Shortly after publication of the ML edition Sherman Mitchell of the National 
ome Library Foundation informed Klopfer that the ML should have thanked the 
oundation and that the acknowledgment to the Carnegie Corporation would have to 
e removed. Klopfer agreed to rip the title leaf out of every copy in stock and 
ip in a corrected leaf with the acknowledgment to the National Home Library 
oundation quoted above.
I'm not certain if this was done. If it was I don't know if the statement FIRST 
ODERN LIBRARY PRINTING | 1941 was retained. The original title leaf would have 
een cut out and a newly printed leaf with the correct acknowledgment would have 
een pasted onto the stub of the original leaf, creating a second state of the 
irst edition. The second state would have the original spring 1941 ML list at 
he end of the volume (including Hugo, Hunchback of Notre Dame but not 
emelmans, My War with the United States), and the original spring 1941 jacket 
ith 271 titles (including Hugo but not Bemelmans) would probably have been 
I think I saw a copy of this years ago in Dave Menkin's collection but I don't 
ave complete notes. If anyone has a copy of the the second state of the first 
rinting I'd be grateful to have a scan or photocopy of the verso of the title 
age. I'm submitting the ML bibliography to the University of Virginia for 
nline publication by the end of the summer and hope to have resolved all open 
uestions like this by then.
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