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Is it the copy with the movie tie-in, car and Garp on the cover, or is there an edition with the author’s picture on the front of the jacket, as was the fashion in 1998?
I collect the 90's Hardbacks. I keep an eye out for those sort of variations.  I've never seen a Garp except with the movie frame photo - which is not an actual "tie-in" jacket because the tie-ins specifically refer to the movie or TV special that it is "tied" to.
1998 was about the time that ML was switching from the "Vertical Split" jackets {Author photo on the left, Title, author name and ML logo on the right}, to the "Horizontal Split" jackets {Author's name or title on the top, photo or illustration under that, title or author's name below that, and "Modern Library" and/or ML logo at the bottom}.  In my database I refer to the first as Style A, the second as Style B.  They also have titles that do not follow either pattern and are thus unique - which I refer to as Style C.
If they do switch jackets on Garp expect a new ISBN and a new "First Printing"!
A.S. Byatt's Possesion had a 2000 first printing with a Style A jacket and then a new "first printing" in 2001 in a Style C (unique) jacket with a movie tie-in.  Gore Vidal's  Lincoln went from a Giant with a Style A jacket 1993 1st printing, to a very pudgy regular with a Style B jacket in 1998 with a new "First Printing."   Joseph Mitchell's Joe Gould's Secret had a Style A "first printing" in 1996, and a Style B "first printing" in 2000 with a Movie tie-in.  The Lincolns have a major change in pagination because of the switch from Giant to Regular.  But I can find no difference other than the jackets in the other two titles.  In each case I treat them as seperate editions even though there is no statements by ML that they are second editions.  All three of these pairs had ISBN changes - which seems to be the only "notice" of a "new edition.".
I have two other examples with different twists.
First, I have two copies of Willa Cather's Death Come for the Archbihop.  Both are regulars with identical Style A front covers.  These two differ on the jacket spine.  The first has her photo, then her name horizontally, and then the title horizontally.  The second has her name vertically, then the photo, and then the title vertically.  The lettering on the second spine is much larger than on the first spine.  The first book is a 1993 1st printing.  The second is a 1993 5th printing.  So this one did not result in a new edition.(apparently).  But I haven't been able to establish at which printing the change first occurred.  These to copies have the same ISBN.
Second, I have two copies of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.  The first is a Regular 1993 1st printing with a Style A jacket.  The second is a Giant 1997 2nd printing with a Style B jacket that includes an A & E Special Presentation tie-in.  Both have 682 pages of text!  The font is larger in the Giant than in the Regular. But the later edition has an introduction that first does not have - so a new edition was clearly justified.  The books have different ISBN's.
Austen' Complete Novels (which are in two volumes in the 90's Hardback editions) has gone from Style A Jackets to Style B Jackets.  I don't own any of the four, but I presume the switch prompted new ISBN's and new "first printings."
What I am not sure of, but I have suspicions, is that the tie-in jackets may have had limited life spans (especially for the TV special tie-ins).  So have any of these titles gone back to their previous jackets after some period of time? And did that prompt a third edition with a new ISBN and a new "first printing"?  Or if they went back to the pervious jacket did they go back to the previous ISBN and pick up where they left off with the printings?  I haven't established examples of either of these scenarios yet.
Darrell Johnson
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Is it the copy with the movie tie-in, car and Garp on the cover, or is there an edition with the author’s picture on the front of the jacket, as was the fashion in 1998?
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A sleeper: First Modern Library Edition 1998
NEW introduction by Irving-
Grab it...if you can find a copy.
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