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ML has issued, what seems to be a review of operas, put together by Dennis Forman, entitled, A NIGHT AT THE OPERA.  I haven't had a chance to read the tome yet but the liner indicates reviews.  It is a large book, paperback, of course, and looks to be along the same lines as the original which is being defined in these pages.

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The content of the 1946 printing is different from the first 5 printings in that it omits the list of suggested recordings on pp. 497-511 of the first 5 printings.  

Egad. We need a new Toledano number for the revised edition of 1946. Since the Tole number of this title has been assigned 083.1 and since 083.2 is available, I suggest that the original edition remain as 083.1 and the revised edition be noted as 083.2.  So what are the points of the revised edition dust jacket? How many titles should appear on the DJ inverse?

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