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Thanks Barry and Eric.  Interesting!  

John Peterson
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  This typo is found in first printings of all three Giants published in fall 1931 -- War and Peace, Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson, and Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Giants published in spring 1932 correct the note to "An abridged edition was unthinkable."  In fact, an abridged edition wasn't unthinkable: four years before the first Giants were published Cerf had commissioned Herbert Askwith to prepare an abridgment of Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson for the regular Modern Library. He canceled the project when Askwith missed the deadline for submitting the manuscript. Askwith eventually completed the abridgment, but it was never published. The only part of the project that saw the light of day was Asquith's preface, which was used in the 1931 Giant.


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  I just picked up a FMLE War & Peace, the first G1 binding I've found (and could afford).  

  In looking it over, I'm wondering if there's not an error in the publisher's note which is printed on the verso of the title page.  This note, which explains the rationale for the Giant format, states: "...The text was much too long for the usual Modern Library format.  An unabridged [sic] edition was unthinkable, and a two volume edition was entirely against the Modern Library's policy."  To me, 'abridged' would make more sense in the context of explaining why the regular size ML was no good for this title.  Or, am I missing something?  Is not the ML War and Peace unabridged?

  John Peterson

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