[ModLib] How was this published????

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This is Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation published in ML College Editions in 1981. It's a different edition from Samuel Eliot Morison's which was originally published in 1952 and reprinted in the regular ML in 1967. 

Peter Smith's business was directed at academic libraries. Smith published short-run reprints of out-of-print titles for the library market, bound some paperback titles in cloth by arrangement with the publishers for sale to libraries, and probably bound books to order for libraries as well. ML College Editions were published in paperback primarily for textbook use, but some college libraries wanted them in a sturdier format for their permanent collections. If Smith bound copies for sale to libraries it probably would have done with the permission of Random House; if it was simply a binding job for a library that already owned the book, permission wouldn't have been needed. 

What puzzles me is the statement "Edited Harvey Wish" on the spine. I don't have a copy of the MLCE Of Plymouth Plantation, but this seems to be an error. 


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Saw this at a library sale and was puzzled enough to to purchase it for $1. 

Was this re-published by Peter Smith? Or was it rebound for the library? Peter Smith publishers is within 15 miles of the library. 


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