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The books are printed from different plates. When the ML first published Veblen's book in 1934, it printed from B. W. Huebsch plates, which dated from 1899 or 1918. The ML reset the text around 1968 or so. The original plates were badly worn by this point, and the resetting reduced the length of the book by 100 pages. The new plates also allowed the book to be printed by offset lithography, which was cheaper than letterpress (relief) printing. Most ML books had been converted to offset in the mid-1960s, sometimes by resetting the text and sometimes by photographing a copy of an earlier printing. 


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This message is from Brian LeMasters about two copies of Leisure Class, both in buckram, but one 1/3 bigger than the other with the same ToC. 

Comments please!!! 

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Copy 1: Fall 1963, 404 pages extended copyright page, running man on title page 

Copy 2: Spring 1967, 301 pages abbreviated copyright page, fujita man on title page 

They are both buckram, B1, so there are no dust jackets. Fortunately, they both had end of text catalogs so I could date them. 

Seems pretty drastic, but the table of contents of both books are identical so there was not just a case of omitting one essay. Looks like the type was changed to make it more condensed. 

Scot Kamins 


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