[ModLib] Thanks to those who gave, and a reminder to those who didn't

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Fri Dec 17 14:31:54 EST 2010


First, a big "thanks!" to the folks who sent contributions for  
ModernLib -- I really appreciate it. And a special thanks to those of  
you who send contributions of information throughout the year, or who  
have contributed so much in years past -- you are the soul of  
ModernLib. The former contributors pay the bills, the latter folks  
keep the information up to date & growing (and without them, there  
would be no ModernLib)!

Now a note to those who, for some reason, have contributed neither. I  
can understand why you have no new info to contribute -- it takes a  
special eye to see such things as small variations in DJ and binding  
design, and it certainly takes quite a bit of time!  But you should be  
able to write a check or send some dough through PayPal.

Will ModernLib go dark if you DON'T contribute? Not likely. But if you  
DO get value from the website, then you really ought to kick in  
something. I mean, where else are you going to get the information  
that ModernLib provides?

Send a check to:

Scot Kamins
4210 SE Pine St.
Portland OR         97215-1045


Use PayPal.
Just click...	

If the button doesn't work, my paypal ID is kamins at modernlib.com --  
And thanks!!!!

(And yes, this is the last time I'll bother you about this stuff --  
until next year!)

Scot Kamins
One cause, a thousand effects
A thousand causes, one effect

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