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My "Anthology of Irish Literature" 288.1 with Fujita endpapers and cover with ml blindstamped in center has the same odd combination of spine 13 or 14 logo and 9 and 10 title box.  The dj is priced at $2.95 and the book is the height of a spine 14.

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I have a John O'hara: BUtterfiled 8.  It has the fujita logo at the top of the spine. It has the outlined titled box used on the two later 1963 variant spnnes.  It has a blind stamped ML logo on the cover.
The cover indicates a 67-68 book; but the spine suggests 1963.
The jacket has a $2.95 price.  So the jacket is later.  It has isbn 394-60323-0, so the jacket is after they started using isbn's on some titles.  And the book contains a Spring 1967 inats list.
The oddest thing about the book is the font used in the title box on the spine.  It is a very small font that I have never seeen on any other variant in any time-frame.

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I spotted this cover on eBay and noted I have none like it in my collection.
Does anyone have this cover on any titles besides The World's Great Operas?


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