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My canines edit a book every now and then when I'm not careful.  The shortened version never seems as good to me as the full length version.
They seem to agree with the motto "you should never judge a book by its cover."  So to ensure no one will, they tear off the cover!
But unlike a human who may pick up a book, put it down, pick up later etc...  The dogs at tend to go through a book cover to cover in one sitting.  Perhaps they appreciate literature more than we do.
Still, I would prefer they leave their gnawing criticisms to bones instead of my books.

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I had a copy of the ML Dictionary when I went to college in 1966.  For the next 40 years, I used it as a dictionary to keep by my favorite chair to look up  the occasional word while reading,  Two years ago, my dogs stayed in the house just a few minutes too long and got anxious.  As a result, they tore the book to shreds.

I have been trying to replace it ever since.

Best to all,

Bob Sanger 

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> I still can't believe that I found a copy of a Modern Library Dictionary at a garage sale around the corner from where I live. No DJ but it is a FMLed.
> In all my years of collecting I don't believe I've ever come across it before!
> Toby
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