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This is how the Illustrated ML ended. Ten Illustrated ML titles were reprinted in 1947, mostly in printings of 5,000 or 6,000 copies. The acetate jackets had glued-on paper labels, which saved 4 or 5 cents a copy compared to silk screening. Only about half of each impression was bound. Some of the unbound copies ended up in regular Modern Library bindings and were sold with the regular series. Your copy of Don Quixote is one of these. 

Two Illustrated Modern Library titles announced for fall 1947 never appeared. The two “ghost” titles were Louisa May Alcott, Little Women , illustrated by Albert de Mee Jousset, and Francis Parkman, The Oregon Trail , illustrated by Winold Reiss. The artwork for both books had been completed and paid for, line cuts for Little Women had been made, type was set and in galleys, and the color illustrations were being manufactured when the two titles were postponed. The type remained in galleys for a year and a half as Random House waited for economic conditions to improve. It was finally decided to publish the books without color illustrations in the regular Modern Library. The Oregon Trail appeared in 1949 and Little Women followed in 1950. The jacket illustrations were were probably by Jousset and Reiss. Considering the $2,000 that each artist had been paid, the two jackets quality as the most expensive in the ML's history. 

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I recently purchased a regular copy of Don Quixote With the Black dust jacket as I needed a better jacket for my collection. I think I paid $1.00 for the book. When I got home and looked at the book, the contents are the Illustrated Edition bound in a standard #8 binding. Quite a surprise! Was this common? 

Art Marshall 


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