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My copy refers to 322 titles on the inverse.


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Could someone who has the second Red Star over China jacket (the one
indicating that the book describes THE REBIRTH OF CHINA, not the jacket with
"JAPAN CAN'T WIN")and let me know the date of the jacket based on the ML
list inside the jacket?  I think it's probably fall 1946 but I'm not

Here are relevant years from the dating key:

1945 Spring 304 O. Henry, Best Short Stories xIrving, Selected Writings
     Fall   306 Irving, Selected Writings xHersey, Bell for Adano
1946 Spring 309 Hersey, Bell for Adano xBalzac, Père Goriot & Eugénie
     Fall   316 Balzac, Père Goriot & Eugénie Grandet xAristotle,
1947 Spring 322 Aristotle, Introduction xLewis, Dodsworth

Many thanks!


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