[ModLib] skunked

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 22:10:19 EDT 2010

It happens sometimes.  I walk into the used bookstore focused, heart 
thumping, and I grab the basket using my peripheral vision.  I begin my 
usual counter-clockwise search pattern through the shelves.  We all have 
our attack strategies.  I went for the Nostalgia first hoping for a 
quick score.  An hour later in the clearance bin it hit me-I was about 
to be skunked.  No shelves left and my basket was empty.  No need to 
retrace my steps tonight.  I could hear no distant call of a good book 
that I had overlooked.  With head hung low, I replaced the basket and 
began the walk of shame, empty-handed, out the door.  The Texas sun was 
just setting at 8 pm and it was hot.  I noticed an elderly couple 
walking toward me with their heads held high and a certain determined 
smile on their faces.  I recognized the emotion at once - the eternal 
optimism of the book collector.

Always a new day, always a new store.


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