[ModLib] Random House Vintage Books with ML style buckram bindings

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 19:40:35 EDT 2010

Hi Eric,
I have only been able to glean info from obtaining these Vintage 
editions.  I have 39 volumes, 34 unique, I think.  I have noted a 
parallel in the binding style as well - I have Vintage bindings 
identical to the  B1 and B2.  The combinations of spine 
contrast/topstain/endpapers are similar in variety to the ML Buckrams.  
I also have a single Vintage in the Giant format (I think there is still 
another copy on ABE).  Most of my copies were not ex-library, although 
my V-135 is.  I have scanned the back of the text catalogs and entered 
them into a spreadsheet, if you want it.  If the "First Vintage Edition" 
statement is on the copyright page, then you have the printing date.  
Otherwise, I have not been able to determine a scheme of dating these 

There is overlap in the Vintage and Modern Library:  Great Modern Short 
Stories (ML-168, V-127).  I only have the Vintage buckram edition, though.

My impression of the Vintage editions are that they are more inclined to 
social topics and current-day reading.

I know there is at least one other collector of these Vintage editions 
out there who will have some great input.


Eric Hanson wrote:
> Hi,
> This may be somewhat off topic, but someone here may know. I recently 
> picked up a Random House, Vintage Books edition, in a buckram binding 
> which is almost identical to that used for the Modern Library. Here’s 
> a photo of the book, with a Modern Library buckram for comparison:  
> https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B4HE6nGKR3uPNGZkM2JjZmItYmYzNy00MDc5LTlkMDAtZWU4MTk0NjJiZWVk&hl=en 
> <https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B4HE6nGKR3uPNGZkM2JjZmItYmYzNy00MDc5LTlkMDAtZWU4MTk0NjJiZWVk&hl=en>
> Is there any information available about this series and its buckram 
> bindings?  Google comes up with very little - only an Abe Books 
> listing for a different title.
> My immediate questions are:
> -- How many different buckram bound titles are there in this series 
> (my copy has V-135 on the spine)?
> -- Is there any sort of reference or guide for this series?
> Thanks.
> Eric Hanson
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