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I don't have the original Farrar, Straus edition of Cancer Ward in front of me, but the library's cataloging record for it which I just checked online indicates its pagination is xiv, 560. The printed pagination of the ML edition is vii, 536. (The ML edition is printed from offset lithographic plates made from the Farrar, Straus typesetting, possibly photographically reduced.) The 3-page biographical note about Solzhenitsyn is original to the ML edition. The omission of the two letters in the preliminaries and the five documents in the Appendix add up to 30 pages of the Farrar, Straus edition that were omitted from the ML reprint. This could have been a blunder on somebody's part, but cutting the book by 30 pages would have reduced costs enough to be tempting. Someone may have figured that the appendices weren't important and that nobody would notice their absence. If the ML omitted these pages deliberately, it was pretty stupid to leave references to them in the table of contents. My conclusion is that the ML edition is a testament to stupidity or avarice on the part of the publisher -- or possibly both. 


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Chris, sorry I can't help. I collect ML up to and including the Blumenthal editons. 

Jim Egan 

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Chris, my 1990's copy also lacks the forward material and was obviously bound w/o the appendices rather than having had an appendectomy. Strange! All that difficulty w/censorship in Russia, and his work gets cut by the capitalists. Go figure! 

John Peterson 

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Hi all, 

I was hoping to find an answer to a question I have. I recently purchased a copy of 'Cancer Ward' and as I started reading it I noticed that the table of contents lists 7 sections that are not in the book. The missing sections are only from the forward and afterward material, and not (that I have determined yet anyway) any of the book itself: 

a) Letter to the Fourth Congress of Soviet Writers, May 16, 1967 - vii 
b) Letter to the Writers' Union, September 12, 1967 - xiii 
c) Afterword by Vladimir Petrov - 539 
d) Letter of Pavel Antolkolsky - 542 
e) Session of Soviet Writers' Secretariat - 543 
f) Letter to Newspapers and Writers, April 18, 1968 - 559 
g) Letter to the Literaturnaya Gazeta, April 21, 1968 - 560 

Perhaps I'm just not attuned enough to the author to know that he was using a literary device? Or is this a misprint of some kind? I don't detect any pages cut from the binding - does anyone else have a copy with or without these sections? This is from the newer ML series, printed in 1995. Thanks for any information anyone may have, 


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