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Mon Apr 19 10:24:13 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I was hoping to find an answer to a question I have.  I recently purchased a copy of 'Cancer Ward' and as I started reading it I noticed that the table of contents lists 7 sections that are not in the book.  The missing sections are only from the forward and afterward material, and not (that I have determined yet anyway) any of the book itself:

a) Letter to the Fourth Congress of Soviet Writers, May 16, 1967 - vii
b) Letter to the Writers' Union, September 12, 1967 - xiii
c) Afterword by Vladimir Petrov - 539
d) Letter of Pavel Antolkolsky - 542
e) Session of Soviet Writers' Secretariat - 543
f) Letter to Newspapers and Writers, April 18, 1968 - 559
g) Letter to the Literaturnaya Gazeta, April 21, 1968 - 560

Perhaps I'm just not attuned enough to the author to know that he was using a literary device?  Or is this a misprint of some kind?  I don't detect any pages cut from the binding - does anyone else have a copy with or without these sections?  This is from the newer ML series, printed in 1995.  Thanks for any information anyone may have,

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