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> Does anyone know the name of the bearded gentleman on the first  
> printing of the 1996 Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson?

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Subject: Re: Whose photo is the "Wrong" Emerson?
From: j b krygier <jbkrygie at removed>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 13:53:45 -0500

It has to be the Massachusetts-area Reverend Ralph Emerson  
(1787-1863), who was sort of a contemporary of Ralph Waldo Emerson  

He has a dozen or so sermons and other religious publications that  
show up in the OhioLink database I have access to, including jems like  

"Faith, the guide and support of the believer. A sermon, delivered at  
Norfolk, September 30, 1829, at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Robbins,  
relict of Rev. Ammi Robbins," by Ralph Emerson, P. Canfield. 1829.

I found several sites on the WWW which mistakenly append his dates to  
Ralph Waldo Emerson, so others, besides the ML, have mixed these two  
chaps up.

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