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I have a copy of the Saroyan in stock
He is the only ML author that I knew.
One Gilbert Paaiziain was his nephew; Gilbert and I were in the same grade in grammar school. 
Those of you who know San Francisco,; Saroyan took us all out to a party at, Playland At The Beach one time...after eating Gilbert got sick on the rides and we 
had to go home...the party was over.

The whole duty of art is listening for the voice of God

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Do you have any nice Man on the Flying Trapeze?


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I don't have any copies of Aeschylus.  While I think it's an interesting and worthwhile project, I doubt if I'll be participating since my main interest in ML is in selling any nice copies I happen to encounter :-)


Best of luck, Darrell!  I admire what you're trying to do.



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I'm asking for Aeschylus jacket dates again.  If you sent earlier, please drop a quick note.  If you haven't got any aeschylus copies, please indicate.  If you aren't intrested in the project, drop a line  When I have some type of response from most of the people who seem to be "hard core" contributors I willl move on to the next author/title 


Author: Aeschyus 

Title: Aeschyus I and II 

Link to the jacket photos on Scot’s site: http://modernlib.com/authors/aAuthors/aeschylusJackets.html 

Refer to jacket by that date that is currently attached to the photo 

REQUIRED INFORMATION: 1) Your name; 2) Jacket date; 3) Binding type of book as long as you beleive the jacket b
elongs on that book; 4) indication of at least one method of dating the jacket (the more, the better, and don’t worry about inconsistencies because the various methods don’t always give the same date. Only use option (D) (listed below) as the primary method of dating if (A), (B) and (C) (listed below) are not available). 

OPTIONAL INFORMATION:  i) Original price on jacket; ii) Any additional items listed under (A), (B), (C) and (D) that you did not used as primary dating method. 

Response Form (type in information after the colons and e-mail back): 

1) Your name: 

2) Jacket Date (Year and Season): 

Link to Gordon Neavil’s list dating guide: http://modernlib.com/General/DatingKey.html 

3) Binding style of the book (as long as it isn't a mis-match): 


4) Dated by:     A) # of titles mentioned in jacket: 

                        B) Regular list in jacket (year/season) by: 

                                    i) Title included: 

                                    ii) Title excluded: 

              C) Giant list in jacket (year/season) by: 

                                    i) Title included: 

                                    ii) Title excluded: 

If you have the jacket dated by (A), (B), (C) or any combination of any or all of them, then items under (D) are optional information that I, Darrell Johnson, would appreciate.  If you can’t date the jacket by (A), (B), or (C), then you must use something from (D) (e.g. late 60's books have no jacket lists - they must be dated by inference): 

4 cont.)            D) By inference from the book it is on:                          

i) Regular list in book: 

                                                a) Title included: 

0     b) Title excluded: 

                                    ii) Giant list in book: 

                                                a) Title included: 

                                                b) Title excluded: 

                                    iii) C-list in an early leatherette link: 

iv) “X years ago …” ad in the back of early leatherettes. Number of years ago: 

                                    v) Statements of: FMLeD; First Printing; etc… : 

                                    vi) Other: 

Optional Information:  Original Price on jacket: 


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