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Much of this information is included in my ML bibliography which will be published electronically by the University of Virginia. I'm making final revisions now.

Here's the information I have:

The Education of Henry Adams was published in March 1931; first printing jackets have spring 1931 lists. This jacket was available (probably concurrently) in at least two colors: blue and red. The earliest version of the jacket with red borders I've seen has a fall 1932 list.

The reddish orange jacket by Paul Galdone (unsigned) was first used on balloon cloth titles and later enlarged for use on the new Blumenthal format. The earliest I've seen on a balloon cloth binding is spring 1938.

The earliest jacket I've seen on the Blumenthal format is spring 1941. The colors on the reddish orange background are deep red and gold.

This design was later used with deep purple instead of deep red. The earliest I've seen of this is fall 1966 based on the list at the end of the book. The title page is reset and the book is printed offset instead of letterpress.

The taller format in brown with the Fujita torchbearer on the spine and Fujita "ml" on the front panel of the jacket appears to have been introduced in spring 1970 based on the list at the end of the volume. I have a later copy on cheap rapidly browning paper and white endpapers but at this time they weren't updating the lists at the end.

It will be at least a year and possibly longer before the bibliography is available. I'm concentrating on the bibliography and won't have time to contribute the kind of jacket information I've included in this email. Given the forthcoming appearance of the bibliography, it might be a better use of time to wait until it appears and then update and correct the jacket information there.


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>   The typographical jacket: Assumed on first printing  
>   1931 (spring or fall unreported).                    
>                                        Latest          
>   confirmed: Spring 1936.                              
>   The jacket listed 1955(?) : no new information at    
>   all!                                                 
>   The jacket listed 1939 (?) - 1963 (?): has a         
>   confirmed 1966 with season undetermined.             
>   The jacket listed 1970 (?) - 1975 (?) has a  Spring  
>   1970 confrimed by a a 102 Giants list.               
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