[ModLib] Some updates to ModernLib.com

Scot Kamins scot.kamins at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 17:09:29 EST 2009


I've been working in the background over the last month on updating  
some parts of ModernLib.

Toledano Numbers:  The book notes for each title now include Toledano  

Instant Access Feature: Searching for titles should be easier now with  
more consistent displays of the book you're looking for (as opposed to  
seeing the top of the author page and your having to search on your  

Dates in the book notes windows: Corrected dating for titles that  
lasted to 1975.

Author Search page and Title Search page: Updated links to get you  
where you really want to go; corrected and added Toledano numbers  
where appropriate.

If  you notice any problems or inconsistencies, let me know: When  
you're changing something close to 800 files, you're bound to  
introduce some errors.


- Scot Kamins

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