[ModLib] Redux: Second Toledano number for repaginated volumes

Ron Holl modlib at windstream.net
Mon Jan 26 10:48:20 EST 2009

> > For consistency's sake, and because many people would consider them  
> > to be separate collectibles, should there be added a second number  
> > for this title to account for the repagination?
> I found another volume with the same issue  -- James's Wings of the  
> Dove (244.1). From the notes:
> "Wings of the Dove was printed from two typesettings. The first was  
> printed from Scribner plates and has two sequences of pagination, the  
> first sequence ending with p. 329 and the second with p. 439. (The  
> book was originally published in two volumes.) The second typesetting  
> uses a single sequence of pagination and ends with p. 522. The first  
> ML printing from this typesetting was in 1968. "
> SOOOO --- 18.2 for the repaginated Ibsen giant  and 244.2 for the  
> repaginated James?

My original response was pagination, exciting or not, should not have a new number.  However, since there already is a precedence for it perhaps we should be consistent and always include it.  The numbers are still free of charge.

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