[ModLib] Redux: Second Toledano number for repaginated volumes

Scot Kamins kamins at modernlib.com
Sat Jan 24 15:28:14 EST 2009

On Jan 23, 2009, at 12:48 PM, I wrote (without a single response):
> I note with interest that by common agreement we have three Tole  
> numbers for Best Russian Short Stories:
> Toledano number:   018.1 (missing Andreyev short story)
>                                    018.2 (not in Toledano: Andreyev  
> added; broken pagination)
>                                    018.3 (not in Toledano:  
> Continuous pagination)
> Note that two of the numbers have to do with pagination.
> Yet there is just one Tole number for  Ibsen's Eleven Plays, G18.1   
> [which also has a repaginated edition].
> ...
> For consistency's sake, and because many people would consider them  
> to be separate collectibles, should there be added a second number  
> for this title to account for the repagination?

I found another volume with the same issue  -- James's Wings of the  
Dove (244.1). From the notes:

"Wings of the Dove was printed from two typesettings. The first was  
printed from Scribner plates and has two sequences of pagination, the  
first sequence ending with p. 329 and the second with p. 439. (The  
book was originally published in two volumes.) The second typesetting  
uses a single sequence of pagination and ends with p. 522. The first  
ML printing from this typesetting was in 1968. "

SOOOO --- 18.2 for the repaginated Ibsen giant  and 244.2 for the  
repaginated James?

Does anybody care??

Scot Kamins
"Oh my God, am I here all alone?" -- Bob Dylan

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