[ModLib] Toledano numbers for Best Russian Short Stories

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
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This collector does not wish to be difficult, but did we not settle this
some years ago, 2001 to be correct?  My inventory already includes 18.1,
18.2, and 18.3, Scott's site lists this as a new variation, and my copies of
Toledano have notes indicating the variation.  While not opposed to
progress, perhaps we should exercise more care, lest you delete 18.3, and in
another eight years someone decides we need an 18.3 for the uninterrupted

I for one will keep the .3 suffix to designate the difference.


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Added 018.2 - The author page will need a new anchor also.

I'm not convinced that a pagination fix warrants a new Toledano number.

> Some years ago ModernLibbers discovered some variations of Best  
> Russian Short Stories (18.1):
> Dates in print:     1917 - 1934
>                                1934 - 1945 (not in Toledano: Andreyev  
> added, broken pagination)
>                                1945 - 1971 (Same stories but  
> continuous pagination)
> It's easy to add a new Toledano number, 18.2, since the title stayed  
> in the series without losing its series number 18.  The question is,  
> should we also have an 18.3 for the third version with the continuous  
> pagination?
> RON HOLL: Please add 18.2 to the database; I'll add it to my ML files.

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