[ModLib] The 1955 Adams jacket.

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 12:00:06 EST 2009

A couple people have e-mailed the list or me speculating about the 1955 Adams jacket.  One possibilty is that it is a misprint.  If that's the case we should evetually have more than one report of that jacket and can expect that those jackest reported will all date to 1955.  (We might want to try to determine if it is 1995 Spring or 1955 Fall).
Another suggestion is that it might be a result of the background being faded and the scan being poor.  If someone knows who contributed the scan that could be checked out fairly quickly.  If no one remembers who contributed the scan, then, if the the jacket remains unique, we should start to suspect that it a fade job or some other kind of fluke.

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