[ModLib] Jacket Range Project: Preparing to start over.

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 19:14:57 EST 2009

Okay folks,
I'm going to set up to start over and go slower.  I'm going to ask for one Author/Title at a time. [One a week could take 15 years, but if  we get it going right we can pick up the pace later.]
According to Ron we already have "The Problem" - I.E., the four jackets for Adam's don't even have a chronological order because one was a temporary misprint.  I needed a way to refer to them without using the date above them, since we expect those to change, and I thought we would want the reference method to stay constant. So I gave a brief description of each that I thought was sufficient to distinguish the four, but I guess it was confusing and needs to be dropped.
How about we do this.  Scot can run through the photos and add the letter designations to website.  Then anyone giving me a date can just refer to it by the letter there. The chronology issue won't be a problem; the jacets will have their ltter designations and whatever date ranges they turn out to have their photos can be arranged anyway Scot wants.  If the chronological order puts them out of A, B, C order so waht?

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