[ModLib] Jacket Date Range; Auden; and discussion of design

Ron Holl modlib at windstream.net
Mon Jan 12 14:44:55 EST 2009

---- Darrell Johnson <zebradlj at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> Ron,
> Your comment suggests that the presence of an ISBN can pin down the date a bit.  I thought all it could do was place it after the earliest known date of any use of ISBN.  


I think that's all it can do: tell you the earliest the jacket can be; which is still useful.  Some of my jackets with ISBN:

Lawrence, Women in Love, 14/o, 394-60068-1
Auden, Selected Poetry, 14/o, 394-60160-2
Rodgers & Hammerstein, Six Plays, 13/l", 394-60200-5
Misc, Buddhist Tradition, 14/o, 394-60205-6
Kierkegaard, Kierkegaard Anthology, 14/o, 394-60303-6
Faulkner, Selected Short Stories, 14/o, 394-60324-9
Kafka, The Castle, 14/o, 394-60388-5

On that last one (Kafka) and the Buddhist one, the presence of the ISBN negates them from being a first (a first jacket, anyway).  It does leave one to believe that there should be an H_C listing for these titles in the guide.

Of course, any (non-14) binding with an l" dust jacket has an ISBN.

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