[ModLib] Jacket Range Project: Adams; "Education," & Discussion of design.

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Ron and others,
Very true. The web site postings were originally intended to get a handle on the variation in jacket designs not to pin down the date ranges.  So the dating that is with them may be very iffy.  Its merely a starting point for now.  My hope is that we will get sufficient enough lists for each design that someday that I can go back through and eliminate all "Verified: Web Site" entries and just keep those we do now in a much more careful way with THIS project in mind, which requires more care about the dates.  Or, better: some of the contributors of those scans can go back and add the additional information to firm up the "Verified: Web Site"entries and get that replaced with "Verified: YOUR NAME HERE."

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I don't think all of the dates on jackets posted on the website can be
trusted.  Maybe 80-90% are correct?  The problem is, we don't which 10-20%
are not.  For sure there are some jackets that appeared only on #14 bindings
with dates of 1967 (due to the lack of knowledge, at the time, that the lists
stopped being updated in 1967).

And you don't get the season info either on those.

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