[ModLib] Dust Jacket Date Range Project -- Why So Little Participation?

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I don't think automating it would be a good idea.  If someone got annoyed with the group they could race through the entire list over night and deliberately screw up every record before anyone had a chance to notice something was wrong!  And then we would have to start over.  The worst that could happen if info was sent through me or Scott is that someone we thought we could trust could lie about dates and make some of them inacurrate before we got suspicious and stopped trusting him/her. And intend to track WHO sends information that sets current max. and min. dates.  That way if we ever started wondering about someone's veracity, or someone indicated that somehow they were systematically making innocents errors, we could go back through and recheck any that had come into doubt.

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On Jan 7, 2009, at 3:46 PM, Ron Holl wrote:

> Perhaps it would help if there was a table(s) on the website showing each
title, and the known DJ end points.  Question marks, or some such marker,
indicate end points that are known to be likely/possibly incorrect; this fact is
also noted by a gap in years.  For example,
> Tale of Two Cities
> 1935 - 1939
> 1940 - 1953?
> 1958? - 1970

Well, that's an interesting idea that would work in a number of (but not
all) cases. I like the question mark idea too -- I was going to use the math
symbol for "approximately" (two horizontally parallel wavy lines which
on my Mac is this character: ≈

So the range might be 1940 - ≈1953  (Does that show up on a PC?)
> Then, if someone has that plain text jacket in a 1954 dj, they use the
form submission on that page to indicate so.  Ideally it would update the
database immediately;

That WOULD be ideal. Of course, it would call for taking the entire
author/title info -- currently in plain old typed text -- into a database of
some sort. This would be a massive undertaking, and would call for someone with
extraordinary planning & programming skills to  (1) automate the process of
transferring the data into the new data format(s);  (2) create the forms; and
(3) set up the automation for the updates.  I do not have such skills.

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