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The ML sometimes leased its plates to other reprint publishers. I've seen correspondence in the Random House archives about a Star Dollar Books edition that the Garden City Pub. Co. (the Doubleday reprint subsidiary) planned to publish but have never seen a copy. The correspondence was dated Dec. 30, 1930 and so the book (if it was published) wouldn't have appeared before 1931. Garden City agreed to pay $1,000 to the ML and to make a duplicate set of the ML's plates for its edition. Charles Boni may have made a similar arrangement, or may have leased the Garden City plates. I haven't seen anything in the archives about the Boni edition. The ML Giant was published in 1933 and printed from the same plates as the regular ML edition, with larger margins and illustrations added.

The regular ML edition included the statement that it was copyrighted 1930 by the Modern Library, but it's not clear what content if any was copyrighted. The work itself appears to have been in the public domain in the U.S., and there's no original introduction. The Giant is printed from the 1930 plates. It omits the 1930 copyright statement but includes a 1933 copyright statement, which must have referred to the particular grouping of 32 plates included in the book.


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>   All,
>   The modernlib.com website gives hints as to the
>   appearance of The Medici by Young in the G1 binding.
>   I have acquired a copy of this title in this binding
>   and note a few things:
>   The design is almost identical to the G1 binding,
>   but the spine notes 'Charles Boni', not 'Modern
>   Library'.
>   The weave of the fabric is more coarse in the
>   Charles Boni binding versus my other G1s.
>   The title page states 1930 and the copyright page
>   states 'Copyright 1930 by the Modern Library, Inc.',
>   denoting a first edition according to the Charles
>   Boni practice.
>   So, is this just a First Edition Thus by Charles
>   Boni?  Did this pre-date the normal 3 G1s?  Maybe a
>   practice run before the ML giants were conceived?
>   Brian
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