[ModLib] Dust Jacket Date Range Project -- Why So Little Participation?

Brian LeMasters brianlemasters at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 21:17:47 EST 2009

I am still shaking off the New Year parties and gearing up for the tax 
season, but I have sent what meager info I have to Darrell.
I plan to use this opportunity to fill in the gaps in my previous 
cataloging efforts.  So, I may not seem to contribute much but I am 
following the project closely and using it as a catalyst for my own 
scouting and research.  Thanks to Darrell and Scot for kicking this 
off.  Please keep it rolling.

Scot Kamins wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm wondering why there is so little participation in the Dust Jacket 
> Date Range Project. Are people confused about how to take part,? Is it 
> that no one has a few minutes to check out the dates of a copy or two 
> in their collections? Is it something else?
> If you tell us why >YOU PERSONALLY< are not participating, we can 
> adjust things to make it easier.
> REMEMBER: you don't have to look at every title of every author in 
> your collection if you don't have the time or interest. But if you 
> would just check out a couple of copies, it would really help the 
> project along!
> I really think this project can be quite valuable. It can let us know 
> what dust jacket styles may be missing from the database. It can also 
> help determine  the real final printing dates for certain titles. I 
> would urge your participation.
> The vast majority of information at the ModernLib website was 
> accumulated through the info contributions of plain old individual 
> collectors like you. Without your contributions, ModernLib remains 
> static --and that doesn't really help the collecting community, of 
> which YOU are a member.
> Scot Kamins
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