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Jacket ranges project: This week’s six authors: 
Andreyev, Leonid; 
Red Laugh/Seven Hanged (1918-1933): 
a) Typographical jacket on leatherette, with text starting with “Leonid Anreyev…;”  currently 1918-1918. 
b) Typographical jacket on balloon cloth w/ Bernhard logo in center; currently 1930-1930.   
Apuleius, Lucius; 
The Golden Ass 1928-1937: 
There is only one confirmed jacket for this title so we will make the jacket date concurrent with the book dates 1928 -1937. BUT it would be nice to have someone indicate 1928S or 1928F  and either 1937S or 1937F.  So if you can do either of these, please e-mail the info. 
Aquinas, St. Thomas ; 
Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas 1948-1970: 
a)      Pictorial w/ line drawing of Aquinas; Red lettering on Gray background. Currently 1948 -1948. 
b)      Pictorial w/ line drawing of Aquinas; Green lettering on Orange background. Currently 1963 -1963. 
Politics, 1943-1970: 
a)      Gray jacket w/”Aristotle’s Politics;” currently 1943-1943. 
b)      Half white/ half tan jacket with silhouette of Aristotle; and “The Politics of Aristotle;” currently 1966-1966. 
c)      Half white/ half red jacket with no silhouette of Aristotle; and “The Politics of Aristotle;” currently 1968 -1968. 
The Rhetoric and Poetics of Aristotle, 1955-1970 
a)      Half white/ half gray jacket; currently 1954 -1954. 
b)      Half white/ half blue jacket; currently 1969 -1969 
Introduction to Aristotle, 1947-1970 
a)      Half white/ half yellow jacket; currently 1962 -1962.  [Since it is the only confirmed jacket it will be expanded to 1947 -1970, but we still want to know Fall or Spring on each one.] 
Atzibashev, Michael; 
Sanine, 1931-1935; 
a)      A single confirmed typographical jacket So 1931 -1935. [But we still want to know  about spring or fall on each one.] 
Atherton, Gertrude; 
Rezanov, 1919 -1926; 
a)      Typographical jacket w/ text ending with “castanets” as the only word on the last line of the first paragraph; currently 1919 -1919. 
b)      Typographical jacket; currently 1923-1923. 
c)      Typographical jacket, currently 1924(?) -1924(?). 
I need a little help on these last two; I cannot discern what difference there is from the scans posted in the web-site. Can someone indicate what to look for to distinguish these two? 
1) Go to the author's page at

2) Referring to the images and the dates above them as a guide, use the dating
key at http://www.modernlib.com/General/DatingKey.html to identify the date(s)
of your dust jacket(s).

3) Please send me the info to zebradlj at yahoo.com using this format Author/Title/Jacket/Year/Spring or Fall.

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