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And don't forget abe.books.  by the way, the ml website has a list of published books under author or title

Thanks Sue

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Don, Bill and everyone,
If you enjoy the challenges of cyber-hunting Modern Library Books, it may be worth it to try the large book search sites such as www.bookfinder.com , www.addall.com and www.vialibri.com , smaller multi-dealer sites such as www.biblio.com , www.iobabooks.com and www.antiqbook.com, as well as directly visiting the websites of the individual booksellers listed on these venues. 
Search option choices on these different sites will very a bit, and you will see some overlap of listings as booksellers often list on multiple venues, but using the publisher and keywords fields, specifying Modern Library, with dustjacket etc., you can generally tweak and refine your results to something manageable.
Happy book-hunting and best regards to all,
Susan Pav

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