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Check out Bluestem in Lincoln Ne, Scott usually has some nice ML's on hand and brodart covered.  WWW.bluestem I think.
He usually sells them for 4 or 5 $.  

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I keep an eye on the HPBs here in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Yes, they are amazingly consistent... the old MLs and ELs are $7.50 and are almost always in the collectibles and often in an abused condition. I have only been to one, the main store in Dallas, that has a dedicated ML shelf or two or three. Some of the store branches have started to cover them in mylar. I enjoy the hunt for the misshelved book, though, and occasionally am rewarded with a nice jacketed title tucked away in the History or Poetry section. Regrettably, I always overspend my budget in that place. 
If you have not tried this yet, approach a worker or 'manager on duty' on a slow day and ask them to cut the price. It has worked for me...if the book has been sitting there long enough and a more obscure title. 
> Yes, I bought it, but finding it got me so into my manic side that I > bought $17 worth of other, more questionable, merchandise. 
> John 
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>> On Dec 7, 2009, at 2:34 PM, JOHN PETERSON wrote: 
>>> Today I stopped in, and the same old ones were there. However, in 
>>> the clearance section, there was a 1929 gift set Michelangelo w/DJ, 
>>> priced at $3. I guess the staff didn't recognize it as a ML or they 
>>> would have marked it $10. I would have been happy to pay it. 
>> ... er ... you DID buy it, right? 
>> And are you aware that you missed my last birthday? 
>> Scot Kamins 
>> kamins at modernlib.com 
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