[ModLib] ML Woodcuts (Number of)

Ron Holl modlib at windstream.net
Mon Apr 6 12:11:43 EDT 2009

It just mentioned the 85 woodcuts; perhaps it was just a casual number tossed out.

I too thought we got them all.

---- John Wolansky <jwol at fast.net> wrote: 
> I really doubt there are 85 woodcut jackets.  I think the eagle eyes on the
> list serve would have brought it to your attention if any others were noted.
> I know I never saw any beyond the 44 on your list.
> Did the number refer to all tan jacketed items?
> John Wolansky
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> Subject: [ModLib] ML Woodcuts (Number of)
> I happened to notice in the archives a comment about the ML Woodcut dust
> jackets, and there being 85 of them.  There are 44 displayed at the
> Amenities site:
> http://home.windstream.net/ronholl/mla/MLWoodcuts.htm
> Are we missing 41, or was that number in error?

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